Top 3 Luxury Travel Websites

1. Bling Dubai
This is an awesome resource for people who are visiting Dubai, or live in Dubai. They video review the best restaurants, atrractions, and places to have awesome experiences. This is bling at it's best.

2. Luxury Travel Blog
The best one-stop resource for anyone who loves luxury travel. This global blog features posts about every country in the world.

3. Conde Naste Traveller
In the past, this would have been number 1, but I now prefer the more honest, personal approach that smaller websites like Bling Dubai Bring to the table. This is still a great resource for discovering new places to visit.

Top 5 Ways to Prepare Your House for Selling

1. Clean the roof
nothing makes a bigger difference to most house from the outside than cleaning a roof. It can be the difference between a house which looks its age and one that looks new.

2. Clean the driveway
This is another area of the property which can completely changes a person's impression. Especially their first impression, which is the most important. Cleaning driveways has more mixed results depending on your surface, but many times a good job will bring it up like new, or nearly new.

3. Tidy up the garden
I bet you are noticing a pattern here: all outdoors improvements. The reason is because that first impression can be the difference between a viewer holding a negative grudge when viewing the rest of the house, or going inside with a much more positive outlook. Don't go crazy with colorful flowers, just get the garden looking neat with a well mowed lawn and neatly cut shrubs.

4. Ensure House is Clean and Tidy
This should go without saying but some people just don't bother to make sure the house is looking good. This leaves a bad impression and may make viewers wonder whether you have neglected the things no on show.

5. If Re-Decorating go for Neutral Colors
There is nothing more polarizing than pink flowery walls and curtains, or gothic black skull lamps and artwork. Just go for an off-white for the walls and simple, furniture in common but modern styles. You want a clean look which people could envisage using as a blank canvas for their own ideas.