Best Health Websites in the UAE

1. The UAE Embassy provides a very well written page about health in the United Arab Emirates for English speakers. This is the best place to start.

2. Wikipedia is usually a very reliable source of information and on this page, you can discover a massive array of information about health in the UAE. From statistics to history to present and future developments.

3. The Gulf News Health section is a superb place for health news in the region. These are credible articles and they often have exclusives and breaking news. If you want to stay up to date with the latest, this is the one to follow.

4. Health Magazine AE is a much wider themed site which much of the content about fashion and lifestyle rather than sticking just to health. It is still worth checking out but comes in last on our list.

Please note: these are just the English language websites. There will, of course, be some excellent health websites written in Arabic too.

Top 3 Luxury Travel Websites

1. Bling Dubai
This is an awesome resource for people who are visiting Dubai, or live in Dubai. They video review the best restaurants, atrractions, and places to have awesome experiences. This is bling at it's best.

2. Luxury Travel Blog
The best one-stop resource for anyone who loves luxury travel. This global blog features posts about every country in the world.

3. Conde Naste Traveller
In the past, this would have been number 1, but I now prefer the more honest, personal approach that smaller websites like Bling Dubai Bring to the table. This is still a great resource for discovering new places to visit.