Top 5 Ways to Prepare Your House for Selling

1. Clean the roof
nothing makes a bigger difference to most house from the outside than cleaning a roof. It can be the difference between a house which looks its age and one that looks new.

2. Clean the driveway
This is another area of the property which can completely changes a person's impression. Especially their first impression, which is the most important. Cleaning driveways has more mixed results depending on your surface, but many times a good job will bring it up like new, or nearly new.

3. Tidy up the garden
I bet you are noticing a pattern here: all outdoors improvements. The reason is because that first impression can be the difference between a viewer holding a negative grudge when viewing the rest of the house, or going inside with a much more positive outlook. Don't go crazy with colorful flowers, just get the garden looking neat with a well mowed lawn and neatly cut shrubs.

4. Ensure House is Clean and Tidy
This should go without saying but some people just don't bother to make sure the house is looking good. This leaves a bad impression and may make viewers wonder whether you have neglected the things no on show.

5. If Re-Decorating go for Neutral Colors
There is nothing more polarizing than pink flowery walls and curtains, or gothic black skull lamps and artwork. Just go for an off-white for the walls and simple, furniture in common but modern styles. You want a clean look which people could envisage using as a blank canvas for their own ideas.

Top 10 Xmas Gift Ideas

1. iPad Air
This is the ultimate Xmas gift for gadget fans. The new version of Apple's iPad is thinner and smaller than previous models. The screen is still the same size and for me this is enough reason to upgrade from the iPad Mini. A smaller and cheaper alternative is the new iPad Mini Retina, which is very similar in specs.

2. Sony Nex Cameras
Sony's Nex range of mirror-less cameras offer amazing picture quality in a small package. The range starts with the F3 and goes up the the new Alpha Nex 7. These cameras are small enough to be used daily but also have comparable quality to much larger DSLR cameras. Video is excellent although there are over heating issues for most models.

3. Spa Day Packages
Check your local spas or Groupon for deals on spa days. This is a great gift for women. You can also join the gift receiver to make the day more sociable.

4. Michael Kors Handbags
Nearly all women love handbags and Michael Kors is hot right now. There is a classy selection to choose from.

5. Macbook Air Laptop
If your loved one needs a new laptop they don't come much better than this. It is super thin and lightweight. Not a lot of storage but that is the trade-off for the beautiful design. Excellent performance.

6. Sherlock DVD or Video Download
Most people will enjoy this outstanding British TV show. The old classic Sherlock Holmes character has been re-invented in this fun show, with plenty of depth.

7. A Unique Holiday Break
When you put that extra bit of thought and planning into a gift you will find it really pays off. Booking a special holiday in a unique holiday home will be greatly appreciated.

8. An Extra Computer Monitor
This is something most people don't consider but heavy computer users will love spreading their desktop over two screens. Great for increasing productivity for bloggers, web designers and anyone else who spends a lot of time in from of their PC or laptop.

9. Game of Thrones Books
Most people have seen and enjoyed the hit TV show Game of Thrones. Many have also read the books, and they all loved the reading experience. You probably have a fan in your family who has yet to read these epic books.

10. One for Skiers
The Sweetspot ski trainer is something that all skiers will love as an Xmas gift. These low priced blocks come in different sizes for skiers of all levels. They can be used to practice ski skills at home.